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News > Ablett patients delight in sing along session
Ablett patients delight in sing along session
Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Ablett patients delight in sing along session led by caring chaplain

Through his love of music, Wynne Roberts is becoming a singing sensation in local hospitals by initiating a unique service over and above his usual pastoral role, by offering singing sessions for patients to lift their spirits and encourage patient wellbeing.

The Chaplaincy Team provides a vital service where spiritual care is offered to support patients, their carers and families and staff with the understanding that a person’s attitude of mind and their feelings play an important role in the process of healing.

Pastoral Care Chaplain, Wynne Roberts explains more:

“I have been singing since an early age and it brings me much joy and contentment to be able to use my voice within my role as a different way of reaching out to comfort and uplift patient wellbeing through the medium of song.”

The team is committed to serving a wide variety of faith communities across North Wales and Wynne’s commitment extends further.

“The idea to offer this seemed a natural way to go as I sing across much of Wales in many different community concerts and group meetings and receive such terrific support and response from many individuals. If I can offer this to patients as well, such as the Ablett unit, then surely we are heading in the right direction to enhance patient experience”

Sarah Norman, Deputy Ward Manager on Dinas ward in the Ablett unit said:

“Wynne has been such a comfort for our patients and has spent considerable time here talking and listening to different experiences to ensure their wellbeing. Wynne casually dropped the singing sessions into a conversation on his last visit and we were all delighted with the idea. Anything that will enhance, focus and benefit our patient experience here is very welcome and they do say that singing is good for the soul!”

Wynne encouraged patient and staff participation by singing a combination of ‘pop’ songs (60’s and 70’s!) and a few gospel songs to capture the theme of Easter during Holy week. Song sheets were provided for patients and they happily joined in as they pleased.

The session was a great success with both staff and patients getting involved. Wynne said that a number of patients came up to him after to say how much they had enjoyed it.

Wynne Roberts will continue his unique approach for patient welbeing and is also due to release his very own charity CD in the coming weeks to raise money for young peoples’ Speech and Language therapy in Gwynedd through Awyr Las, the NHS charity for North Wales.  For further information on this please contact the fundraising support team on 01248 384395 to find out more.