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News > Dedicated Staff In Dementia Fundraising Vow
Dedicated Staff In Dementia Fundraising Vow
Monday 19th January 2015

Dedicated doctors and nurses have vowed to continue to raise funds throughout 2015 to update their Care of the Elderly ward (Glaslyn Ward) in Ysbyty Gwynedd for the benefit of the patients in their care who suffer from dementia.

 The committed clinicians and nurses have already taken part in numerous fundraising events throughout 2014 as they work towards their goal of raising the £300,000 needed to completely update the ward in order to make it a truly dementia friendly environment.

 Glaslyn Ward Sister Clare Wilding explains:

 “People with dementia can easily become disorientated which can lead to an increased risk of disturbed behaviour and increased risk of falls so we plan to change the layout of the ward to make life easier for them.  At the moment there is no day space so patients spend the day by their beds with very little interaction with others.  We need to change the ward entrance and toilets to make them more accessible to people with dementia, and to replace the flooring as people with dementia perceive highly polished surfaces as being slippery and dangerous, making them less likely to want to get out of bed.”

 Glaslyn Ward Matron Sharon Jones added

 “Each of these changes may seem quite small for you and me, but they’ll make the world of difference to people with dementia.  This work will adapt Glaslyn Ward to be more welcoming and more suited to their particular needs.  However even though some of the changes to the ward environment may be small, taken together it is going to be a costly programme of work.”

 Across the world there are estimated to be 30 million people with dementia, with a new case every 7 seconds. In North Wales there are estimated to be 20,400 people with dementia, and by 2021 this will have increased by 26%. Figures show that two thirds of all medical beds are occupied by people aged over 65 years and a third of this group have dementia.

 If you are interested in supporting the fundraising campaign, please contact the Awyr Las Fundraising Support Team on 01248 384395, or e-mail awyrlas@wales.nhs.uk.