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News > Rachel Venables’ Incredible Fundrasing Campaign
Rachel Venables’ Incredible Fundrasing Campaign
Thursday 30th January 2014
A massive THANK YOU  to Rachel Venables and everyone who supported her in raising a staggering £22,857.00 for the North Wales Cancer Treatment Centre! Alongside some extremely grateful  healthcare staff, we were happily able to show off some of the equipment that has been purchased with the money, which will help to enhance the experience of patients at the Cancer Centre.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         A vein finder machine, affectionately known as ‘Vera’, has been purchased to improve patient comfort whilst undergoing treatment, kindly demonstrated to everyone by lovely ward sister, Sue Slegg.Sue said: "Vera enhances patient’s comfort and wellbeing whilst undergoing chemotherapy. I have seen, firsthand, the benefits it can provide for patients on the unit such as reduced anxiety, stress, discomfort and pain when treatment is administered which makes the patient’s journey much nicer. These pieces of equipment that fundraiser, like Rachel, raise money for are crucial to ensuring that the very best level of care and comfort can be offered to patients."
Further items showcased to Rachel, husband Mark and friends Kev Francis and Clair Hughes included a Sara Steady that helps patient movement during treatment, alongside a collection of super heat and cooling systems for the comfort and benefit of patients on the wards. Rachel’s determination has driven her to want to help others who are undergoing similar care and treatment, to ensure that they have an enhanced level of comfort and experience within the cancer centre.
Rachel said I have raised so much more than I ever expected and couldn’t have done it without my families support and friends who organised some brilliant fundraising events. Special mentions must go to Ceri Noble and Cheryl Sheady, who couldn’t join us today, but they were instrumental throughout! There are so many to mention but thank you everyone and watch this space, there’s much more to come.....